Mediagrammi e.V. is a German not-for-profit organization based in Berlin. It was born in March 2014.

Since 2017 Mediagrammi e.V. is accredited by the European Voluntary Service as coordinating and receiving organization.

Mediagrammi was born with the aim of spreading up the audiovisual cultures and to build a point of interest for the most various artistic expressions. It aims to be a reference point for artists, curators, critics, journalists and media professionals, working in Germany and all around Europe in the field of electronic culture and the digital arts. Though educational projects, it offers the possibility to work, grow and share experience and knowledge through the creation of a creative network.

Our goal is supporting and sharing arts and culture, in particular in their cross-media and cross-cultural aspects. We highly support innovative practices and processes.

We aim at achieving our goals through:

  • organizing events and cultural projects
  • educational projects
  • European and/or international projects
  • Mobility of artists through different countries
  • Transnational artistic practices

Our members are artists, media artists, cultural project managers and entrepreneurs.

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