Our accreditation number: 2017-1-DE04-KA110-015333

Our PIC number: 942898783

Typical duration of a Voluntary Service project: 12 months

The field in which the volunteers will work are the cultural and creative industries as well as the video production. The activities will be carried on in Berlin, one of the most vibrant and interesting capitals of Europe from the cultural point of view. Galleries, Museums, Theatres, Festivals, Ateliers, Music venues, etc. make of this metropolis an interesting scenario for any person who has an interest in contemporary cultures. Moreover English can be unofficially acknowledged to be the language spoken in the cultural field in the whole city. That will of course make easier for the volunteers to approach the different cultural players. Our venue, in the Rodenberg Str., is close to one of the main S-Bahn Station of the city (Schönhauser allee). From there the volunteers will be able to reach any corner of Berlin. The venue itself is centrally located in Prenzlauer Berg, among the most lively districts of the German capital.

Typical activities of the volunteers will be:

  • help in running the Mediagrammi office daily work;
  • running and maintaining Mediagrammi website and webtv, managing its content and design;
  • assisting the artists/curators in the organisation of video-art exhibitions;
  • preparation and implementation of public events, technical assistance (meetings, film screenings, presentations, exhibitions, seminars;
  • assist in the communication and outreach of Mediagrammi’s projects;
  • produce a periodical newsletter;
  • generate original content of text, poster, video, etc to help in keeping engaged our subscribers;
  • take photos of Mediagrammi’s activities and projects;
  • take and make videos of Mediagrammi’s activities and projects.  The volunteers will have the opportunity to produce several videos of different genres, connected with local youth and cultural events (cultural festivals, art exhibits, etc.). Monthly productions result in a TV Magazine which is presented online on Mediagrammi’s website.

The volunteer will get accommodation, travel costs, local transport costs as well as pocket money for the whole durations of his/her stay. During the voluntary service he/she will be able to attend a language course (German) and two residential workshops organized by the German “Youth in Action” agency. At the end of the service he/she will get a Youthpass certificate. Health insurance is also covered for the whole duration of the stay.

Application is currently closed.

Please check out our website starting from September to know if new applications will be accepted.

Visit https://www.go4europe.de in order to get more infos on the European Voluntary Service and feel free to contact us for any query (please use the contact form).