#DIGITALSTORIESBERLIN |Erasmus+ Project devoted to Digital Storytellinglogo_erasmusplus_footerDigital Stories Berlin – EVSperience Diversity is a project financed under Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 1|Learning mobility of individuals||Project number: 2018-2-HR01-KA125-047559 This project is concieved as an innovative and educational project where all activities are focused on boosting our projects aim: active participation and cultural expression of youth in their communities, through non-formal methods, using innovative tools such as digital storytelling, creative writing, experimental video, in order to achieve better competencies of young people, to boost their possibilities for employment and to foster motivation for the self development.

Main part of our project is organizing digital storytelling workshops for young people, in their nearest school or cultural|youth centre. The facilitator of the workshop is Tina Bikic, a digital storyteller|innovative educator from Mediagrammi e.V. Tina is also developing her mini project which is an art experiment/daybook with collection of multimedia personal narrative stories. Stories are focused on the experience of diversity and research of poetics of space in city of Berlin.

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#DIGITALSTORIESBERLIN Workshops|Youth Education

Digital Storytelling is a worldwide phenomenon and our organization Mediagrammi e.V. wants to publicize it in Berlin, Germany, therefore we are always looking for educational and cultural institutions to collaborate with in organizing #DSB workshops. The only requirement for this workshop is to available room equipped with computers or laptops in your institution.

Typical #Digital Storytelling Berlin Workshop takes 10 hours. The workshop can also be arranged accordingly with the schedule of the hosting institution. Please feel free to ask us for a different schedule or to contact us detailing your particular interest in the workshop. We are open for collaborations and compromise regarding the needs of your institution.

We believe the strength of Berlin consists in its young people and we want to establish a digital platform in order to promote diversity of their thoughts, hopes, fears, inspirations and loves. We want to help young people to openly tell and share their stories. Every individual personal story is important because it is part of, it is a piece of the puzzle, of a great big story of movements and emotions in the city of Berlin. Diversity of our personal stories is the uniqueness of Berlin.

#DigitalStoriesBerlin workshop is completely free of charge for our partners and participants. The workshop is financed under Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 1|Learning mobility of individuals.

#DIGITALSTORIESBERLIN Read the online booklet

This booklet is of informative character and educational content, focused on explaining concept and methods of digital storytelling, presenting it as an innovative educational tool. It is written for elementary and secondary schools, as well as cultural institutions in Berlin, which would like to implement our workshop in their programme, as a core or elective course.

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