Espressioni 2017

In our ceaseless hunt for cool Berlin art, we stumbled upon an itinerant project we loved and thought we’d share with you in our studio: it’s called Espressioni and it is entirely unconventional cross-continental video exhibition which takes us on a strong, emphatically physical, and a bit surreal journey into the dancer’s world.

It is impossible not to fall in love with this universe of movement that promises a complete sensory experience.

Take your chance to visit the exhibition until September 3, 2017. Please call or send a message to: +49 152 54218359

Rodenbergstr. 9, 10439 Berlin

Videos and artists

Nous n’attendrons plus les barbares
Alain El Sakhawi – 2016

Away from Gablur – landing // 01
Maria Elena Curzi e Lorenzo Giansante  – 2017

Filomena Rusciano – 2017

Four steps on two slopes
Julian Soardi, Margherita Platé e Antara Majumdar  – 2017

Moving Afrika
Valeria Lo Meo e Michele Manzini – 2016

DaBlu (o dopo Cafuné)
Nina Terruzzi – 2016

Teresa Sala – 2015

(+) (-)
Marco Alma e Ambra Occhipinti – 2016