Adult education at Mediagrammis

Our areas of interests are the multi-media productions and the digital cultures. Our core business are the education of adults and the mobility of artists throughout Europe.


Mediagrammi was born with the aim of spreading up the audiovisual cultures among the broader audience and to build a point of interest for the most various artistic expressions. It aims to be a reference point for artists, curators, critics, journalists, media professionals and people interested in the arts and media, living in Germany and all around Europe and/or working in the field of electronic culture and the digital arts. Though educational projects, it offers the possibility to work, grow and share experience and knowledge through the creation of a creative network.

We are currently offering courses for adults in:

  • Videomaking – en plein air workshops for amateurs who would like to discover the city they live in through the lenses of a videocamera.
  • Digital Cultures for dummies – workshop to explain how the digital media have changed our lives, what’s behind this revolution and how to play safe in the internet, with a particular focus on copyright and the European frame of the digital communications and rights.
  • “Travel through Europe” – a philosophical workshop for people who love contemporary art but don’t understand it. Together we raise important questions about art and try to find a common solution through the tools of philosophical praxis.

If you are an individual living in Berlin or a Firma based in Berlin-Brandenburg and you want to broaden up your digital and communication skills, just contact us!

If you are a European organization and you want us to organize an Erasmus+ funded workshop on digital cultures and education, you are in the right place: please go ahead and contact us!

Our workshops are held in English, German and/or Italian.