A thin membrane is the one which separates man from the place he lives in. A constant interchange occurs between an individual and the city he inhabits. Is it man to give identity to the environment in which he breathes or is it the contrary? ‘Osmosis’ talks about the spontaneous and continuous exchange in which human beings and places mutually define themselves. Their being liquid … Continue reading Osmosis

Dialoge über Berlin – coming in May 2016

4 Italian video artists will work two weeks in Berlin en-plain-air and curate a video exhibition about Berlin. They will get involved in creative discussions about the city with the online community, publishing their creative process daily in a lively dialogue. The artists involved are: – Maruska Ronchi – https://associazionek.wordpress.com – Isobel Blank – http://www.isobelblank.com – Luna Paese – http://lunapaese.net – Elisa Sbaragli – https://associazionek.wordpress.comContinue reading Dialoge über Berlin – coming in May 2016