VR games, mind travelling and Stasi’s interrogation: Daniel Sproll and Florian Conrad tell us about their projects in Berlin

Whenever you want to take a trip or escape somewhere out of reach, you can count on Virtual Reality. As Daniel Sproll has been doing since 2015 as CXO and cofounder of the startup Realities.io: they built up VR experiences, where you can finally arrive at your desired destination. Be it the top of a mountain, an ancient monument closed to the public or the stilts on the Pacific Ocean. That’s what Daniel and his creative team have been thinking about for years and now they give us a solution in order to join the fleeing part of this world. Among their projects, there’s something about the Cologne Cathedral’s chapel, Panamint Valley and the beloved building “The Haus” in Berlin – locked forever.

On the other hand, VR could be also a useful instrument to live your leisure time with a new experience only by putting on the right glasses. Perhaps you could join the world of “Blowback – Die Suche”, created by Dr. Florian Conrad and his research group in the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin, in collaboration with the local radio Deutschlandfunk Kultur. It’s a new way to play with games and dunk yourself somewhere unknown, with audio only. That’s why it has been presented as an “audio game”. But there’s something more as Florian and his team created another VR project together with VRagments, where you’re able to live again the Stasi’s interrogation, right in the same place where the real interrogees did. Both educational and disturbing. But would it be enough to make of VR a mainstream tool?


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