Italians in Belgium

Italians in Belgium is a documentary edited and directed by Marta Scocco and produced within the context of the project “ShareCulture Creative Mobility”. It collects 15 interviews filmed across Belgium in 2014 documenting stories of the local Italian community. If once being Italian meant miner, it is no longer so: what is the Italian community in Belgium today? And is it still a community? How … Continue reading Italians in Belgium

ShareCulture Creative Mobility

“ShareCulture Creative Mobility” is a project aimed at strengthening a network of existing partnerships among European realities operating in the field of audio-visual production and research and development of new media: Howest in Belgium, Mediagrammi e.V. in Germany, Genista Research Foundation in Malta. Each organization hosted European audiovisual artists and performers allowing them to develop original video productions. Here is a sample of the video … Continue reading ShareCulture Creative Mobility