ShareCulture Creative Mobility

“ShareCulture Creative Mobility” is a project aimed at strengthening a network of existing partnerships among European realities operating in the field of audio-visual production and research and development of new media: Howest in Belgium, Mediagrammi e.V. in Germany, Genista Research Foundation in Malta. Each organization hosted European audiovisual artists and performers allowing them to develop original video productions.

Here is a sample of the video production developed in Berlin by the artists hosted by Mediagrammi e.V. in the context of the project.
Synopsis: Luca Vitone, an internationally renowned artist from Italy, has chosen to settle in Berlin. He had visited the city for the first time when the Wall was still in place, and moved there with his family in recent years. Let’s find out what it means to him to be an Italian artist living in Berlin.

by Giovanni Sabelli Fioretti

The project has been carried out with the support of the European Social Fund.

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