Melting Colours

Melting Colours is a work by Simone Lanari that aims to map the Schöneberg district through images suggested by the lyrics of the album Lodger by David Bowie, who lived in the same neighbourhood in the late ’70s, right during the writing of his famous Berlin trilogy (Low, Heroes, Lodger). As the figure of Bowie encompasses many aspects, different and sometimes opposing one another, in … Continue reading Melting Colours

William Forsythe’s The Fact of Matter @MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main

A group of performing arts students from the University of Turin recently visited the exhibition “The Fact of Matter” by William Forsythe at the Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt, as part of a cultural experiment sustained by the Italian Ministry of Culture. One of them, Andrea Pelliccia, shares his impressions in this video: enjoy! Continue reading William Forsythe’s The Fact of Matter @MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main

Gemischtes Doppel – Intercultural workshop in Berlin

WORKSHOPS ON INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE FOR VOLUNTEER KEY ACTORS So what is culture? And what does intercultural competence involve? Mediagrammi has been invited to participate to Gemischtes Doppel, the intercultural and international workshop for volunteer key actors in Berlin, conceived and lead by Studio Tolk in collaboration with Doris Wietfeldt, Idil Efe and Deniz Eroğlu. 1.9 – 31.12 2015 A project of Bürgerstiftung Neukölln sponsored by the Federal Ministry of … Continue reading Gemischtes Doppel – Intercultural workshop in Berlin

Italians in Belgium

Italians in Belgium is a documentary edited and directed by Marta Scocco and produced within the context of the project “ShareCulture Creative Mobility”. It collects 15 interviews filmed across Belgium in 2014 documenting stories of the local Italian community. If once being Italian meant miner, it is no longer so: what is the Italian community in Belgium today? And is it still a community? How … Continue reading Italians in Belgium

Dialoge über Berlin – coming in May 2016

4 Italian video artists will work two weeks in Berlin en-plain-air and curate a video exhibition about Berlin. They will get involved in creative discussions about the city with the online community, publishing their creative process daily in a lively dialogue. The artists involved are: – Maruska Ronchi – – Isobel Blank – – Luna Paese – – Elisa Sbaragli – https://associazionek.wordpress.comContinue reading Dialoge über Berlin – coming in May 2016

ShareCulture Creative Mobility

“ShareCulture Creative Mobility” is a project aimed at strengthening a network of existing partnerships among European realities operating in the field of audio-visual production and research and development of new media: Howest in Belgium, Mediagrammi e.V. in Germany, Genista Research Foundation in Malta. Each organization hosted European audiovisual artists and performers allowing them to develop original video productions. Here is a sample of the video … Continue reading ShareCulture Creative Mobility

Viaggio in Europa

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote in his Italian Journey “Nothing can be compared to the new life that the discovery of another country provides for a thoughtful person. Although I am still the same I believe to have changed to the bones.” The figure and works of the Frankfurt-born poet and novelist provided inspiration for the workshop “Viaggio in Europa” promoted in 2014 under the … Continue reading Viaggio in Europa